Low-code Web UI Development

Release 6.0

Brand-new Web Interface and Web UI Builder

AggreGate 6 Release Notes

AggreGate Release Notes

— Victor Polyakov, CEO Tibbo Systems

Preserving alert trigger statuses during server restart

helps to avoid alert re-activation

Unicode support in SMS messages

for sending non-English messages

Direct authorization in desktop Client

workspace creation and usage can be avoided

Class inheritance

class hierarchies can be created in large-scale solutions

Resource templates

helps to share master copies of properties between resources


token-based authentication, JSON-encoded data

Kafka device driver

for high-speed event processing scenarios

Protection of application resources from reverse engineering

to secure your IPRs in on-premise products

Protection from infinite recursion in model rule sets

to avoid excessive resource usage

Application exporting/importing

for Git integration

TypeScript API

as an evolution of JavaScript API

Application dependencies

for building multi-module low-code apps

New-gen permission control

fine-grained permission schemes for many thousand users

Context locking mechanism

to prevent data loss during concurrent editing

STOMP protocol support

as an extension of REST API

SFTP file transfer support

for monitoring log files and SFTP service health

Secure LDAP support

for compatibility with new versions of Active Directory

Kerberos V5 authentication support

for working in large enterprise environments

HTTP driver enhancements

NTLM and Kerberos authentication, HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy support, support for DELETE and PUT methods

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