AggreGate 5.5 Brings Machine Learning Capabilities into the Leading IoT Platform

AggreGate 5.5 Brings Machine Learning Capabilities into the Leading IoT Platform

Tibbo, a leading manufacturer of IoT devices and intelligent device management software, announced release 5.5 of AggreGate IoT Integration Platform.

In the new major release of our platform we're clearly targeting deeper data analytics. AggreGate already outperforms the competition in its abilities to collect, store and visualize data. As for processing and analytics, it's now more comparable to Business Intelligence software rather than other IoT platforms, and requirements of this market are unprecedentedly high. With this release, we introduce machine learning, visual workflows and other modules designed for processing big data and getting in row with the best BI platforms.

The principal achievement of Release 5.5 is Machine Learning. It’s an instrument allowing data scientists to drill into time series streams and extremely large datasets in order to mine valuable knowledge.

Trainable units that perform actual learning and scoring have so-called hyper parameters used by data scientists to fine-tune algorithm behaviour. Combined with workflows, machine learning module is a one-stop tool for predicting failures and optimizing operation of both physical assets and business services.

One more significant upgrade is Visual Workflows combining server-side logic with operator interactions. There can be unlimited number of concurrent event-initiated threads in any workflow. Workflows-based data processing and decision-making algorithms may be implemented by anyone who doesn’t have even very basic scripting and programming language knowledge.

Graph Databases are currently gaining a lot of interest as a modern, robust and fast-growing Database Engine of the NoSQL family. They allow for you to represent complex interactions between your data in a much more natural form. Graph databases perform exceptionally well in path and structure analysis. One of the most intuitive fields of appliance is Configuration Management (and CMDBs).

Another considerable step forward is a new Report Editor. Jaspersoft® Studio, the leading report development software, is now bundled with AggreGate 5.5. Dozens of visual components, powerful data processing tools like expressions and queries along with rich export capabilities allow to embed highly interactive reports and analytics into any system.

AggreGate is a full-featured platform servicing as a foundation for custom turnkey solutions. Once a solution has been developed it should be rolled out to its end users. An effective way to replicate a solution is implementing a custom server plugin that incorporates specific system resources, such as alerts or dashboards. Resource Packs represent a new tool that automates and simplifies creation of resource plugins.

Other major improvements include:

  • Ladder Diagrams (LD) support
  • Scaling Widgets
  • Statistics NoSQL Storage
  • Authentication Plugins
  • Variable Access Performance Improvement
  • Embedded HTTP Server

A few more device drivers come with AggreGate 5.5: Ethernet/IP, XMPP, IEC 60870-5-104 Server.

You can check detailed information on the Release 5.5 and download our IoT Platform on the website:

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