AggreGate Cloud Hosting

Some companies may prefer to use the cloud AggreGate installation to deploying the system at their own facilities. In this Platform as a Service scenario, you can use a hosting service provided by our partner. The key components of your system will be deployed in a professional data center to ensure that your data and services are always secure and available.

Our SaaS/PaaS contracts assume that Tibbo is responsible for the availability of your services and SLA adherence. No direct contract between our partner/customer and the infrastructure provider is required.

Infrastructure Highlights

Service Provider: DigitalOcean, an international cloud computing company

Locations: 12 data centers throughout the globe

Network: Worldwide fiber outreach. Multiple points of presence.

Power: Uninterruptible power solutions, which are flexible and upgradable, provide the constant conditioned power to your hardware.

Cooling: Industrial HVAC systems incorporating a redundant architecture ensure proper temperatures with the cooling capacity to spare.

Fire Suppression: Waterless fire suppression maximizes the hardware survivability in the unlikely event of a fire emergency.

Security: Multi-layer security includes the physical controls, electronic controls, card key access, and the closed-circuit video monitoring and recording.