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Are your graduates prepared
for the digital future?

AggreGate IoT Academy provides graduates with a marketable education to confidently embark their digitalization career.

IoT Academy Education

AggreGate Internet of Things Academy for universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions

Tibbo AggreGate Educational Partner Program is designed for universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions that aim at providing leading-edge theory and practice in IoT, IT, automation and data science areas.

Digitalization course is built around our main product – AggreGate Platform. Despite AggreGate has grown up as an IoT integration platform, now it opens up considerable opportunities for further development thanks to its flexible modular architecture. Today’s AggreGate is an unparalleled platform which enables end-to-end digitalization of enterprises seamlessly combining IoT, big data and advanced analytics.

Unified digital enterprise AggreGate platform
is a solid basis
on your path to Industry 4.0

Partner Program
Бесплатные лицензии на платформу Tibbo AggreGate

Free Tibbo AggreGate 
platform licenses

Материалы для подготовки преподавателей

training materials

Централизованное проведение онлайн-обучения

on-line training

База знаний в области цифровизации


Доступ к методическим материалам обучения

Access to training
and study materials

Помощь в подготовке программ обучения

in training program

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